This program will give you a full support to variety of operations that carried out every day by the salers. Here are you'll find some of 'em.
WITH TOPAZIT You won't have to forego raising prices for lack of time
  You can give your customer personal attention and get yourself up-to-date marketing
You'll know how much you really earned by pushing a button
Here's what you get by using TOPAZIT
  Gem procurement ID and cost/sales pricing
  Jewelry procurement without ID
  Item tags and labels printing
  Detailed and segmented inventory report summaries (by supplier, model, location, etc... )
  Control reports for inventory counts
  Tax invoices, receipts, warranty certificates, VAT
  Automatic price updates
  Detailed sales report summaries
  Gross profit reports and sales analysis
  Consignment sales reports by vendor
  Direct mail lists and labels
  Pricing system administration for agents / groups
  Mini-production for stores ( gold ledger ), placement